“Nadam” as the Best Kathak Coaching Place in India

Human beings have been carving out different ways of entertainment throughout the history. The main objective of the entertainment was to forget the miseries of life. Music and dance have always remained the best entertainment source. Kathak is also one of the top categories of classic dance that was performed at various events and celebrations. This kind of dance is exclusive to South India because the residents of this area used to relate various epic stories through various movements of the body and facial expressions. Kathak dance has its deep roots embedded into Hindu religion. The history of the dance connects it with Hindus god Krishna and Shiva. Due to following facts, Bangalore is considered as center for Kathak dance studies.
1-Lot of Institutes, Academies, and Studios
The very first reason for which people all across India go to Bangalore for learning classical Indian dance is the presence of a lot of schools, academies, and studios specialized for dance trainings. There is always a tough competition among various institutes and this proves a lot beneficial for the students. Different schools and academies accept children and adults of different ages for quality training. Almost, all the schools and academies have true professional staff with more than 10 years of experience. Nadam is one of the top dancing schools that are imparting dance training since 1999. It has top qualified and professional staff for providing training. The students of this institute seem performing dances at various events not only in the country but also abroad.
2-Availability of Experienced Coaches
Bangalore is also considered as center for learning classical dances because you may find many coaches and trainers willing to impart quality training to students from all across the country. Nandini Mehta and K Muralimohan are among the top teachers that are teaching dance classes for past 19 years. Their fame attracts the fans all across the country to come and join dance classes in top dance training institute. They train both the young and the adult to make them useful citizens of the city. Shubham and Shanti Raam are among some other quality trainers.
3-Yoga Classes
Bangalore is also a lot famous among people because dance training academies also arrange yoga classes for the youth. These classes help them achieve the desired level of fitness through various yoga exercises under the supervision of experienced and professional teachers and trainers. This is because learning folk dances is easy for the persons with a specific fitness level. Usually, these institutes accept children less than 10 years of age and mould their bodies for some specific movements while dancing.
4-Music and Dance Accessories
Bangalore is also famous for a lot of retail stores located around these art and craft academies where all kinds of music and dance accessories are easily available at competitive prices. Even, there are a lot of studios that have retail stores inside their boundary to save the precious times of the students.
To sum up, we can easily say that Bangalore is truly called a center for learning classical Indian dance. It is up to you to join some top rated academy like Nadam to be a true and devoted kathak dancer.

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