Some Facts about Kathak Dance – Nadam

Dancing has remained an important part of the cultural traditions in the Subcontinent. Even today a lot of people seem gathering and dancing at various cultural festivals and weddings across the region. The true spirit of classical dancing reflects from the culture and traditions of both the Hindus and the Muslims. Hindus culture is an epitome of dancing because it seems to have its roots into the religious beliefs of the Hindus. The Hindus Temples have remained a center of classical dance for the long time. Learning Indian classical dance is much difficult than learning other kinds of dances. However, the people living in Northern part of India can easily learn kathak dance because of being familiar with the facts about classical dancing.


In order to learn folk dances, the learner should know some facts about the costumes required for this dance. Kathak is also no exception because special costumes are required for this kind of dancing. It is one of the six classical dances of India and traditional costumes are prepared for this dancing. Even today, the dresses for kathak dance are prepared in line with the old traditions. Usually, Hindu women wear two kinds of dresses for Indian classical dance forms. One dressing includes sarhi worn in a special way along with choli and orhni to cover special body parts. The other dressing that is very common is long and bright embroidered frok with choli in contrasting colors.
Jewellery is also used to compliment the costumes. Special hair styles are made to achieve iconic look. The ghunghroos are wrapped around ankles to produce rhythmic sound along with footwork of the dancer. The facial expressions are highlighted through heavy makeup. This is because kathak is all about relating some particular story through body movements and facial expressions.
On the other hand the Muslim dancers usually wear the dresses consisting of skirt along with tight fitting trouser. To cover the head and gain traditional look, a scarf is wore on the head.

2-Music and Instruments

Another fact about kathak dance is that it is always performed with the music. Classical music is played to help the dancers control their body movements. Various kinds of musical instruments are used to produce classical music for classical dance. The use of instruments varies to create different kinds of impacts. However, tabla, sarangi, and harmonium are among the instruments that are used in all kinds of classical dances. To create varied deep or light effects, some additional instruments may also be used.

3-Famous Gharanas

The last but not least fact about kathak dance is that it nourished in different gharanas. In India, there are three famous gharanas that played a crucial role to keep this dancing form alive in almost all the ages. These include Jaipur Gharana, Benaras Gharana, and Lucknow Gharana.
In conclusion, we can say that knowing basics of kathak dance is necessary before learning it. This is because these basics will provide you enough guidance that will make your learning process quite easier and fast.

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